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Squaricon is an independent casual games developer specialized in brainteaser titles for mobile devices. Our small team is composed of skilled professionals committed to developing innovative and engaging ‘brain games’ purposely balanced between ambitious challenges and pure fun enjoyed by wider audience.


Squaricon has released genuine and critically acclaimed logic Squaricon Game Series [AKA ‘CMean’ for PC platform, 2008-2009] and 3 free-to-play titles for mobile devices, including popular Domino Bracelet [Android, 2012].

In 2014 we switched to Unity3D (puzzle game Tondo Jigsaw) and found it definitely the right platform for future works. Since 2015 we  have long-term partnership with The Knights of Unity who keeps our cross-platform applications high quality coded


Squaricon Game Studio has its roots back in 2006 when it was run by a small team of logic-game enthusiasts. Company was founded in 2011 in Trieste (Italy) and in July of 2014 was moved to our current location in city of Prague (Czech Republic). By the end of 2013 Squaricon was recognized by the editors of Develop’s 100 and included in Europe’s most exciting game start-ups [to find out more about it follow this link and check out the page 57] 

Tondo Jigsaw

…next generation jigsaw puzzler wrapped in stylish appearance!!


TONDO JIGSAW is an inventive jigsaw puzzle game with a unique picture-puzzling concept defined by 8 triangular jigsaw pieces, rotating puzzle-board and intriguing swapping mechanics with on-a-fly touch controls!

Key features:

  • round puzzles with 8 triangular jigsaw pieces
  • unique and simple swapping mechanics
  • intuitive TAP and FLICK touch controls
  • revolving puzzle-board
  • more than 50 preloaded puzzles
  • engaging gameplay with instant replay option
  • full Facebook integration
  • ‘Tondo snapshots’ and ‘Tondo frames’


Art features: (credits)

  • stylish artworks and photographs
  • beautifully crafted 3D puzzle pieces
  • distinctive minimal look with rolling light scenery
  • changeable background wall


Game-play features:

  • dozen picture packs with more than 50 preloaded puzzles
  • each puzzle can be played in 144 unique starting arrangement of jigsaw pieces
  • relaxing and easily challenging gameplay with no time limits
  • enjoyable game experience with unlimited and unpredictable replay option
  • numerous ways to solve each puzzle (find the one that suits you best!)
  • golden STAR reward for puzzles solved with the minimum number of swaps


Special features:

  • updatable picture packs
  • convert your pictures into Tondo Jigsaw puzzles (pull them from gallery or take snapshot with device’s camera)
  • frame puzzles you have completed with cool frames and share it with your friends


Currently in soft launch stage download TONDO JIGSAW from Google Play or Apple App Store. More here


TONDO JIGSAW has been developed out of ‘bracelet game-pattern’ and ‘bracelet game-mechanics’ previously used in three titles from our Bracelet Game Series (All Rights Reserved © 2011-2014).


Domino Bracelet 2

By reaching point of over 50000 downloads at app stores without any marketing campaign, Domino Bracelet as judged by casual players experience proved to be visually more appealing and easily comprehended to play than its two siblings from City Bracelet Series™. As it looks like, our players were more keen to embrace ‘familiar domino tiles design’ rather than pattern of jewels (Grand Bracelet) or numbers (Digit Bracelet).
Whatever took place, players choice of dominoes as the best token set for bracelet games strengthened our confidence in Domino Bracelet as our current core title!
Following this lead after examining many interesting ideas we’ve decided to focus our all resources in developing the new and more advanced sequel of Domino Bracelet, the Domino Bracelet 2.
Game is in beta stage development process.



More about this project find here.



Domino, Digit and Grand Bracelet are genuine and intelligent match-3 puzzle games for mobile devices developed by Squaricon game company in 2012. These games are based on simple game-mechanics of swapping tokens (dominoes, digits or jewels) by gesture of taping them on device’s screen. With the task to ‘complete the bracelet’ player has to swap tokens until they perfectly match by their color…

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Years after initial release of Squaricon Game Series™ on PC platform [2008/2009], first mobile incarnation of this brain teaser soon will be presented in its purest and most simple form. Meet Squaricon-3 Mobile, small-scope brain game with unique 3×3 pattern gameboard and 4 different game modes.
Defined by elusive motion, highly inventive game-mechanics and intriguing game-play scenario Squaricon-3 is fully prepared to compete on today’s mobile game market! Essentially, it’s an easy-to-learn and fun game to play that’s introducing many original features in well-established genre of casual puzzles. Depending of selected game mode and player’s individual skill level our guess is that Squaricon-3 will deliver lifetime entertainment to most of its aficionados!

Contact us for more details on scheduled Android/iOS titles.
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